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Welcome to Laser Pointer USA!

Your source for cool laser pointers in various colors including green, red and ultraviolet/purple. All laser products come with free shipping to all North American customers. Most orders are shipped next business day after your payment has been confirmed.

Please Note: United States of America and Canada only allows the sale and import of handheld laser pointers of 5mW or less. Please be aware any handheld lasers found online that are over 5mW are shipped from overseas and will be stopped at customs, putting your money at risk.

Green Laser Effects

(Smoke from cigarettes or hookas) View Laser green laser pointer smoke effect

UV Laser Effects

(Instantly charges glow-in-the-dark clothing) View Laser uv laser glow-in-the-dark
laser party projector

Laser Pointer Projector

Each laser color offers different properties. Green lasers are the most visible per milliwatt with a viewable beam in dark conditions, while the red is the easiest for pets to see and all that kind of interactions with light particles. Click Here

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